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What we do.

Developmental and substantive editing

Conceptual critique

Outline review

Manuscript overview

Full manuscript edit

Partial manuscript edit with overview

Line by line editing

Other edititoral services

Copy editing



Manuscript evaluation


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Ghost writing, editorial services a la cart, project management, book doctoring, and ongoing editorial consultations.

Pricing for editorial services

As each project is unique, pricing varies greatly depending on the type(s) of editorial work being performed, length and breadth of the project, level of editing needed, timeline for the project, client goals, et cetera, but in an attempt to keep our pricing transparent, we estimate that clients will pay between $25 and $50 per hour of work or between $0.03 and $0.10 per word. How many pages completed within an hour varies, often between three and eight pages.

Using this rough metric, a 160,000 word YA fantasy novel seeking medium to light substantive editing would likely cost $5,500; a zine cookbook compromised of 15,000 words would cost about $450 to copy edit, and $100 more would cover line-by-line editing of a brief introduction and conclusion; a manuscript overview of 95,000 word piece would be about $1,600, while book-doctoring the same manuscript would likely cost $2,800.

If you have a budget for your project or don’t know what editing services you need, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.